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Privacy Policy

At, we’re committed to protecting and respecting your privacy. This privacy policy explains what information we collect, why we need it, what we do with it and what are your rights.

What information we may collect

We collect only information we truly need. Most of the information we collect is for analytics reasons, which means we collect geographical location, language, type of device you’re using, screen resolution and other related information that help us to understand, you, the audience. Knowing this information, we are able to tailor the content and provide you with the information for which you were most likely looking for.

Why we collect it this information

All information we collect helps us improve our services to you. The basic information about the location from which you access our website, the language which is your native, the screen resolution you have Etc. is collected by us only for analytic purposes. Your email address which you may optionally fill in when you are adding a new comment is collected so you could receive new comments from the page (you will receive notifications about new comments only if you ticked to “join the conversation via aional email”). Please never use an email adress that could identify you as a person.

Do you collect any personal data?

No. We collect IP adresses of our visitors (which can be according to GDPR guidelines considered as a personal information), but we do it in a way it would never be possible to identify you. The following services work with part of your IP adress – Google Analytics.

  • Google Analytics – We have set IP Anonymization in Analytics  that anonymizes IP addresses of all our visitors.  For example, an IP address of would be changed to (If the IP address is an IPv6 address, the last 80 of the 128 bits are set to zero.) – You can read here more about IP Anonymization in Analytics

FAQ – Privacy Policy

Who has acess to your personal information ?

Noone, not we, nor any third party stores any personal information about you. That means the time for how long your personal data is stored is also zero.

What cookies do we save?

We, don’t use any cookies that could identify an individual, but we still would like to take the time to share with you what cookies are being used on the website.We use cookies for measure number of visits to our website, towards this purpose we use Google Analytics. Both these services do not save your IP adress in full format, it is anonymized and therefore noone can identify you as a person. Detailed information about what cookies Google Analytics uses can be found here:

Cookies are also used by Facebook that is run on our website. Facebook cookies have the following names: datr, fr, locale, sb, wd, x-src and cme from the domain The purpose of these cookies is to localise user and bring him the correct language version, allow him to give “likes” on pages and share posts. Detailed information about Facebook cookie policy is located here –

How to disable cookies?

Anyone can disable using cookies in their browser. To do that, the following guide can help –

What are your rights?

If at any point you are unsure whether we collect some personal data concerning you or how we process it, you have the right to obtain an access to your information. If you believe that the information we process is incorrect you have the right to ask us to change it or delete it. In such cases, please contact us at